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Natural Walling

We Stock and supply a huge array of Natural Stone Walling products!

We pride ourselves on having a great variety of Walling products, as to suit almost any Garden Landscape project.

Whether you are matching in to something already existing, or if you are looking at creating something from scratch you are sure to find some inspiration down at our yard.

  • Drystone Walling

  • Natural Stone Walling Blocks

  • Sawn Walling Blocks

  • Natural Stone Cladding

  • Hand made Indian/Pakistan kiln Fired Bricks

Sandstone Walling Blocks

Sandstone Walling blocks are easy to use and give a fantastic finish to any project.


220x100x50-80mm From: £1.20 Each 

270x100x50-80mm From £1.40 Each

320x100x50-80mm From £2.10 Each

All Prices + VAT


Fossil Mint

Mixed Brown


Limestone Walling Blocks

Our Limestone Walling Blocks go hand in hand with our Limestone paving range.


220x100x50-80mm From: £1.10 Each 

All Prices + VAT


Black Limestone

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