20mm External Porcelain Flags

Porcelain laid externally has been on the rise for a number of years. However lately with the introduction of much cheaper Indian and Northern European porcelain flags allows for a much more variable price scale.

We have introduced a few Ranges this year that we have found to be particularly appealing in price and quality.

We also have a brand new display area laid out specifically for our Porcelain Ranges. 

We always recommend popping in to see the product and seek expert advice before purchasing.

Pictures do not represent a true example of the stone.



This is our best selling Porcelain flag of 2018. A wonderful Dark and Pleasant design oozing sophistication with a real Modern feel to it. Available in 600x600x20mm or 900x600x20mm allows for a range of finishes with a sawn edge and flat surface gives a truly masterful finish.

From £34.00m2 + VAT

Mukesh Pen.jpg

H/S Beige

H/S Beige is a light range encompassing a range of Cream and Yellow hues. With Sawn Edges and a Smooth finish allows for a Modern finish while keeping your patio area clean and refreshing. Also available in 600x600x20mm and 900x600x20mm.

From £34.00m2 + VAT


Nero is a mix of Grey's, Silvers and Blacks a truly impressive range of colors to calm your mind. A great alternative to the traditional Grey colors while still keeping with the modern feel and appearance. Available in both 600x600x20mm and 900x600x20mm.

From £34.00m2 + VAT

Mukesh Pen.jpg

H/S Grey

Our range of porcelains would not be complete without the H/S Grey. Grey has very much been the color of choice throughout 2018 and certainly in to the start of this year. We have a wonderfully subtle Grey porcelain to fit in to any situation.  We expect this range to be just as popular this year in both the 600x600x20mm and the 900x600x20mm.

From £34.00m2 + VAT