Riven Indian Sandstone


Cloister is an all time favourite of ours, A subtle mix of Browns, Greens, reds and Grey. This stone is a popular Yorkstone alternative and will look fantastic in any situation.

From £22.00m2 + VAT

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a mix of Light and Dark shades of Brown, With hints of Red. Allowing for a consistent feel throughout.

From £22.00m2 + VAT

Mint Fossil

Mint Fossil is the lightest of our Riven Sandstone range creating a truly unique garden project. With its main colour palate consisting of Whites and Creams it has Fossils and veins running through from Black to Brown. This creates a real feature for any Graden.

From £22.00m2 + VAT


Atlantic is a contemporary Grey coloured Sandstone with many shades of Grey ranging from Light to Dark. Can sometimes contain streaks of Brown. A simple yet subtle flagstone suitable for any situation.

From £22.00m2 + VAT

Golden Buff

Golden Buff is by far the most colourful, This range has a real mix from Greys & Browns to bright Yellow and Pink Veins. Truly a feast for the eyes, will surely brighten up any space.

From £22.00m2 + VAT


Modak is a traditional Indian Sandstone with a mainly Red to Pink base tone. Featuring occasional streaks and patches of Yellow or Orange. A very relaxing and straight flowing stone.

From £22.00m2 + VAT


Cotswold Mix is a bright and cheerful range with dominate Yellow and Red base tones with lively streaks and patches of Orange and light Browns.

From £22.00m2 + VAT

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